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Jacqueline A. Brown

Jacqueline A. Brown is a native New Yorker living in Harlem, former news writer and college professor. She is a screenwriter and filmmaker currently holding five college degrees including film school. Her previously published works discussed the topic of racism in media. Jacqueline has been invited as a guest speaker to various conferences, both national and international, to present her research papers on the aspects of racism in television and films and how interracial relationships are portrayed in the visual media. “Love Spelled Sideways” is her first collection of erotic BWWM romance novels. She enjoys writing about strong, well-educated corporate African American females as her main characters.

When she is not writing novels or screenplays, Jacqueline is shooting films or photography in the city. She has been an avid reader since age three and received her first real camera at age seven. Jacqueline hopes to begin shooting another film in the near future before continuing with her next collection of erotic BWWM novels.