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Love Spelled Sideways


Busy African American executive Jesmond LaVilliard, while in the park, accidentally collides with a kind, tall, handsome white stranger who offers to have her damaged camera repaired at his expense. She is initially unimpressed by his celebrity, but her friends are not and have questions as to how they met. Yet despite her seeming disinterest, his stunning good looks and charming manner are continually running through her head. Her camera is a total loss but not the young man’s growing interest in Jesmond. Later that week, Jesmond receives a special package in her office. What are this stunning bachelor billionaire’s intentions toward the beautiful executive?


No one wants to work with the handsome, arrogant, bullying white executive senior VP Kevin Daly, who screams at and demeans his staff on a regular basis. The increase in requests for transfer from his department has the top executives at Bannon Communications making a serious decision regarding Kevin Daly’s future with the company. Enter Dr. Loren Clarke, African American female organizational communicator. Kevin Daly continually ignores her meetings and suggestions and refuses her help. Yet could there be a hidden humanity there? Then something serious and surprising occurs.